1964 Pontiac Catalina
This car was a barn find so to speak.  It was actually an "airport hangar" find and was pulled from its cocoon in fall of 2011 by my son and me.  Having been original delivered to a dealer in Pomona CA, the car appears never to have left the dry weather of sunny California until the day we pulled it from its hiding spot north of Sacramento.  We spent a week getting the Catalina road worthy and took it on its debut trip to Goodguys in DesMoines IA, July of 2012.  The 2 1/2 hour trip was uneventful even thought outside temperatures topped 100 degrees.

The car is an amazing example of strange mid 60's ​​dealer orders.  The Catalina wasn't typically seen with the 8 lug wheels more commonly found on the Bonnevilles but this one has sported them from day one. In addition to the 8 lug wheels, this car also features a 389-4bbl with a 4 speed transmission. Someday we might freshen it up but for right now we are just driving and enjoying it !