1989 Kawasaki KZ1000
​Police Special
The most complete, low mileage, Police Special I have ever seen.  Normally the departments will remove all the lights, siren, radios, and anything referencing or depicting Police.  This KZ1000P is still equipped with front and rear strobes, side strobes, siren, electronic air horn, a unique telescoping revolving red light, and the radio box and side bags.

Get beyond​​ the visual aspects of all the police trim and you are left with an excellent performing KZ1000 that goes down the road just like it should. The bike runs and stops like it should, starts cold on the first try, and has plenty of power to motivate you down the road.

I would caution that while riding traffic in front of you seems to slow for no reason and changing lanes usually isn't an issue because, for some reason, people don't seem to pass you.​​